Crystal Simmons, CPC, ELI-MP | Consultant | Group Facilitator

one-of-a-kind approach to team connections

Certified Professional Energy Coach

iPEC Core Energy Coaches have received specialized training to uncover inner blind spots, gently bring awareness to the client, and shift inner blocks to cultivate new perspectives and helpful beliefs that support the client’s success from a deep and sustainable level.

ELI Master Practitioner

The Energy Leadership Index (ELI) is a one-of-a-kind assessment that enables leaders to hold up mirrors to their perceptions, attitudes, behaviors, and overall leadership capabilities.

Certified Facilitator

Leading Conversations: Best Practices in Facilitation aims to strengthen the Richmond region by equipping community leaders with the tools needed to lead inclusive, informative, and effective conversations in both community and workplace settings.

Team Consultant

- Collaborating with small business owners
- Design personalized workshops based on clients' needs
- Brainstorming sessions that lead to clarity and actionable steps
- Include "oh ish" coaching calls for team members

We teach the power of leading by way of conscious communication and group facilitations.

Brightening 'ish' up with honest + energetic interactions

Crystal Simmons isn’t one to leave a problem unsolved, so when—after close to fifteen years in corporate
America—she realized there was a disconnect between employers’ expectations and employee
performance, she knew she had to dig deeper to find the root cause. When she looked closely and
connected with her colleagues, what she found was that employers were failing to connect on an
authentic level with employees, and therefore lacking meaning in much of their work. Their
individual contributions and unique skills were being overlooked, and over time, this had
demotivated them to give their best performance at work.
With a natural love and talent for connecting with others and creating a space for them to share
openly, Crystal began to take on a leadership role among her peers, later moving into coaching
her work teams. Finding joy in coaching, she soon thought up a venture that would allow her to
make an even bigger and more intentional impact on these organizations, to help shift them into
a work environments where employees are invested in the work they do and empowered to
give their best performances. She would do this by coaching corporate teams, focusing closely
on each individual to learn their strengths, goals, and roadblocks to offer them a personalized
plan to move forward successfully in their careers.
Thus, Crystal Clear Purposes was born.Since forming, Crystal Clear Purposes continues to grow in order to offer
the best results and experiences for corporations and individuals
alike—expanding offerings to include corporate facilitated retreats and consulting services focused on
team-building, as well as individual coaching sessions for that
one-on-one connection and empowerment to motivate action in
their careers and lives

Metropolitan Business League's 2021 Remarkable Woman recipient